Online Workshop: Introduction China

In this web seminar, a brief overview of the SBB China Collection and our collection profile will be given. Initial research options for resources on and from China will be presented using the East Asia Department’s OPAC, the journal database (ZDB) and the CrossAsia search. In addition, our so-called Get It Services – Blue Loanservice (BLV), Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) and Digitization on Demand (DoD) – will be explained and databases relevant to China will be addressed.

Zudem finden Sie auf der Webseite des CrossAsia Classroom u.a. zusätzliche Web-Seminarankündigungen, Schulungsmaterialein, Handouts, Links zu Tutorial-Videos, Erklärungen zur Nutzung diverser Datenbanken sowie allgemeine Informationen zu CrossAsia-Schulungsangeboten.