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(Un)official Korean Sources on late Koryŏ in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin’s East Asian Collection

Gastbeitrag von Lukáš Kubík During the mid‑fourteenth century, East Asia experienced a period of profound changes, labelled by researchers as the Great Chinggisid Crisis, corresponding to Europe’s Crisis of the late Middle Ages. This era was marked by significant climate changes, leading to several disasters, including natural calamities, famines, and plagues. These events set the […]


On an attempt to reconstruct the image of Silesian towns in the 18th century on the basis of historical cartography: Kriegskarte von Schlesien

Gastbeitrag von Prof. Monika Ewa Adamska I’ve been conducting research in the Silesia area, which has been a historically contested region in Central Europe for many years, focusing on the transformations of its historical rural and urban structures, colonisation processes, the issues of post-war rebuilding and contemporary revitalisation processes. For a brief introduction to the […]


A Book in Archery: “Kitāb fī rimāyat al-nuššāb” – Mamluk Chivalry Manuscript Preserved at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Landberg 42)

Gastbeitrag von Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim The abundance of Muslims in their home region has greatly influenced their ability to conquer other countries. Their war science has been developing daily along with the evolution of weapons and their variety; what has been brought to us in this field is evidence of this. The great Islamic civilization has […]


Forbidden Books: The Censorship of Chinese Books under the Manchu Qing Dynasty (1770s–1780s)

Gastbeitrag von Dr. Julia C. Schneider For sixty years, the Qianlong emperor (1711–1799, reign 1735–1796) ruled the Manchu Qing dynasty (1636–1912) and is thus one of the longest-ruling monarchs in East Asian history – not the longest ruling though. That was his grandfather, the Kangxi emperor (1654–1722, reign 1661–1722), who ruled for sixty-one years. In […]


Auch 2024 heißt es wieder: Researchers from all over the world welcome!

Wie in jedem Jahr endet am 30. September die Bewerbungsfrist für unser Stipendium, das im Rahmen des Stipendienprogramms der Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz zur Durchführung von Forschungsarbeiten an der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin für das Folgejahr vergeben wird. Wer im Laufe des Jahres 2023 bei uns zu Gast ist, zeigt diese Übersicht. Es werden also 8 Forschende mit unserem […]