Change of lending system – status of change / updated dates

Unlike our plans, it is not possible to offer the complete range of all our services from 7 September. The following overview shows the current dates.

Until 12 September you do not need an appointment to pick up ordered books or new library cards.

Ordering books – No new orders can be placed until 13 September. You can still search the catalogue, only the link to the order page is not displayed.

Books on loan – You can return books anonymously even when the lending desk is closed. An extension of the loan period of your borrowed items is currently neither possible nor necessary. Until the changeover is completed, borrowed books which you still need can be kept after the loan period has expired. These items will be transferred to the new system and a new end of the loan period will be set.

Reading room loans – Your reading room loans can still be used as normal.
An extension of the loan period is not necessary at the moment, we have already done this for you. After activating the new lending system, please check the current loan period in your account. You can then also renew volumes in the reading room online.

Reservations – Currently no media can be reserved. Existing reservations had to be deleted.

Pick up ordered books – At the moment it is not possible to pick up ordered books. The lending desk will remain closed until 5 September. From 7 September onwards, volumes that were ordered before the lending desk was closed can be picked up again. It is not necessary to reserve a time slot until 12 September.

Registration / Renewal of your library card – You will be able to register and renew your card electronically. From 7 August onwards, library cards requested online can be picked up again at the lending desk.

Access to your library account – Until 9 September you can still view your old library account. Probably from the 14 September you will be able to use all services related to lending in our new system. Your library card number and password will remain unchanged. We recommend that you make a printout of your own account before. The printout should show borrowed books and fines.

Login for online services – Unlike before, it is now no longer possible to log in with the automatically assigned initial password to use our electronic resources. Please assign a secure password in our new password center.

Interlibrary loan – You can continue to use the online interlibrary loan service GBV, (Common Library Network), with books available for pick-up after 7 September.
An extension of the loan period of interlibrary loans is not possible during the changeover. Please return the volumes in due time.

Fines – A transfer of open fees is also possible during the changeover.


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